Peiter Zatko / Mudge

Mudge was responsible for early research into a type of security vulnerability known as the buffer overflow. He also published some of the first security advisories and research demonstrating early vulnerabilities such as code injection, side-channel attacks, and information leaks. In addition to these advisories he has had numerous technical papers published in peer reviewed journals. Mudge has testified to the US Congress multiple times in addition to having a long history of teaching and lecturing at universities, military academies, and government agencies. He was the initial author of L0phtCrack and the author of early BGP attacks made famous in testimony to the US Senate referencing how to 'take down the Internet in 30 minutes.' In 2010 he took an appointed position as a Department of Defense official within the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA), where he was responsible for redirecting the DoD's cyber research efforts. After his tenure at DARPA he was corporate VP of engineering at Motorola, and then the Deputy Director of Google's Advanced Technology and Projects group, before starting the 501(c)3 organization Cyber-ITL at the behest of the White House. He is presently Head of Security at Stripe. @dotmudge