InfoconDB is a site that aims to catalog and cross-reference all hacker conferences. This site contains the metadata of cons: the who, what, where, and when. Think of it like IMDB for the infosec conference world.

It all started while watching videos of conference presentations and realizing there was no way to catalog my watching habits, similar to how my Kodi media center uses TheTVDB and Trakt. Inspired by the huge task and amazing progress done by InfoCon (which grew out of The Dark Tangent's Data Duplication Village project), InfoconDB was born.

InfoconDB was unveiled at ToorCon San Diego 20 (2018).

I'd like to give special thanks to my wife, who put up with my non-stop work on the site, tested and provided feedback on early versions, and even volunteered to transcribe paper conference programs that weren't available online. Also, thanks go out to my coworkers who provided tons of feedback and guidance along the way.

If you'd like to contribute, watch the site for upcoming features allowing for flagging inaccuracies. For other issues, feel free to contact me using the form below, ping me on Twitter @InfoconDB, Mastodon @InfoconDB@infosec.exchange or email at feedback at infocondb.org.

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