Chris Wysopal / Weld Pond

When Weld Pond (Chris Wysopal) joined the L0pht in 1993 there was no internet connection. He then built the gateway machine using Slackware 1.0 on 24 floppies. Weld was the webmaster of the website where all those hacker t-files from the BBS era could be found. Weld worked on the software side of L0pht researching vulnerabilities, writing advisories, building Netcat for Windows, and making L0phtCrack the first password cracker with a GUI. Weld was part of the 7 person group that testified at the US Senate in 1998 where he spoke about software transparency and liability. He joined @stake with the L0pht acquisition and worked there managing the research team and consulting at top customers like Microsoft until @stake was purchased by Symantec. Weld and Dildog then spun out the @stake static binary analysis technology to create Veracode, where he is co-founder and CTO. @weldpond