Yanick Fratantonio

Yanick Fratantonio is a Senior Security Researcher at Cisco Talos. His research focus is systems security, and his works have covered a wide range of aspects, including mobile security, reverse engineering, malware analysis, vulnerability detection, and web security. Yanick's research has highlighted systemic flaws in many aspects of mobile devices and developed program analysis techniques to analyze Android, Windows, and Linux malware. Prior to his current position, Yanick has been an Assistant Professor at EURECOM, and he earned a PhD from UC Santa Barbara. He has published 30+ peer-reviewed academic papers, and he has been a speaker at top industry and academic conferences, such as Black Hat USA and IEEE S&P. Yanick has recently released his mobile security course to the public, whose material, recordings, and homework are available at https://mobisec.reyammer.io. He is also involved in the CTF community, and he is a member of OOO, the current DEF CON CTF organizers. He is @reyammer on social media.