Ryan Clarke / LosT

In the corporate world, Mr. Clarke draws on his extensive background that spans over 27 years of government, academia, and private industry experience. He currently functions as the CSO for an as of yet undisclosed company. In government circles, Mr. Clarke worked for the Department of Defense while residing in Maryland (do the math). His roles included work at a global scale, and joint efforts included connections with DHS, FBI and other agencies. Upon departure from government service Mr. Clarke worked for Intel in the Advanced Programs Group. Work with the APG included data center validation and intrusion detection and prevention. The APG also functioned as a liaison to various groups and agencies (do the math). Mr. Clarke separated from Intel when an opportunity to work with colleagues at the Department of Energy presented itself. Mr. Clarke conducted cyber and physical intrusion assessments of U.S. DoE facilities, including national science laboratories, U.S. power grid facilities, and *other* facilities under the authority of the DoE (do the math). Previously in academia, Mr. Clarke was the Professor of Robotics and Embedded Systems for the University of Advancing Technology, a National Security Agency Center of Excellence school. Mr. Clarke was recruited to create an embedded systems security degree program for the university. Mr. Clarke's academic background includes degrees and emphasis in Computational Mathematics, Electrical Engineering, Computer Systems Engineering and Physics. He speaks fluent Korean and has proficiency in multiple other languages. Mr. Clarke is a consultant for "Mr. Robot", a hacker based cable television program, and a founding member of the educational group Curious Codes. He regularly presents at cyber conferences around the world. Is that enough of the corporate bio? Ok. I self identify as a hacker. Knowledge of any kind is good. You may have seen my work at Defcon, where I co-created the Hardware Hacking Village, ran the "Mystery Challenge", and for many years created the Defcon badges and cryptographic puzzles. I have multiple Defcon Black Badges, and was awarded a Black Badge for a contest I created (a long story, and a Defcon first). I also hold one of the records for the most times speaking at a single Defcon besides DT, although I've never verified this. You can learn something from anyone, and you can teach something to anyone.