HighWiz is born of glitter and moon beams and he has all the right moves. He is the things that sweet dreams are made of and nightmares long to be... Years ago, with the help of some very awesome people*, he set about to create an event that would give the n00bs of DEF CON a place to feel welcomed and further their own pursuit of knowledge. For years he has held onto the simple tenet that "You get out of DEF CON what you put into it". HighWiz is the fabled Man on the Mountain whom people seek to gain a taste of his forbidden knowledge. He is a rare sighting at DEF CON only to be glimpsed by those lucky few. HighWiz is a member of the DEF CON CFP Review Board and Security Tribe. *Some (but not all) of the people HighWiz would like to thank for helping to make 101 into what it is today : Runnerup, Wiseacre, Nikita, Roamer, Shaggy, Lockheed, Pyr0, Zac, V3rtgio, 1o57, Neil, Sethalump, AlxRogan, Jenn, Zant, MalwareUnicorn, Clutch, TheDarkTangent, Siviak, Ripshy, Valkyrie, Xodia, Flipper and all the members of Security Tribe. @highwiz