Andrei Costin

Andrei Costin is an Assistant Professor at University of Jyvaskyla in Finland (JYU.FI). He is a Computer Science graduate of the Politehnica University of Bucharest where he did his thesis work in Biometrics and Image Processing, and obtained his PhD in France at EURECOM Institute. While starting out his IT-career in the Computer Games industry, he has worked in the Telecom field and also was a senior developer at a specialized firm programming various GSM/UMTS/GPS sub-systems. He is the author of the MiFare Classic Universal toolKit (MFCUK), the first publicly available (FOSS) card-only key cracking tool for the MiFare Classic RFID card family and is known as the "printer guy" for his "Hacking MFPs" and "Hacking PostScript" series of hacks & talks. Andrei delivered more than 40 presentations at top international security conferences, three of which at BlackHat venues. He was spotted security-harassing airplanes with ADS-B hacks (though no planes were harmed during the experiments), remotely hacking fireworks/demolition/pyrotechnic systems (though no fireworks show were spoiled and no buildings were demolished), and otherwise finding and disclosing vulnerabilities and exploits in IoT/embedded devices. He is passionate about security in a holistic fashion. At present, Andrei is mostly busy developing cutting-edge security research for embedded systems both as part of his JYU.FI and Firmware.RE affiliations. He also trains new generations of cyber-security experts as part of his successful master program courses at University of Jyvaskyla.