Jonas Zaddach

Jonas Zaddach is a Computer Science graduate of the Technische Universitaet Muenchen and Telecom ParisTech, where he wrote his thesis on securing infrastructure-as-a-service clouds in a double-degree program. Results from this research is at basis of the well-received presentation "SatanCloud:A Journey Into the Privacy and Security Risks of Cloud Computing". In his youth he spent his time making his Lego Mindstorms robot do things it was not supposed to do by hacking its firmware. Since then he has shifted his attention to harddrives and many other embedded devices. Currently Jonas holds his PhD from EURECOM in the field of "Development of novel binary analysis techniques for security applications", specializing in dynamic analysis of firmwares of embedded devices. At present he is a binary and security ninja at Talos Security Intelligence and Research Group at Cisco Systems where he works as a Malware Research Engineer.