Tabletop Game Design 101: Idea to Reality

Presented at Notacon 8 (2011), April 15, 2011, 2 p.m. (60 minutes)

We all have our favorite types of games, be they RPG, table top, card, war, or miniature. Have you ever finished playing your favorite game and thought to yourself "That was fun, but I could have made this game and made it so much better."? Have you ever had an idea that you thought would make a great game but you've have no idea what it would take to make that game a reality? Mike is here to show you how to make that happen. Hanging out your own shingle in the gaming industry is easier than ever and there are countless resources available for those that want to successfully share their games with the world. A one hour presentation covering concepts of game design, current industry trends & examples, production techniques, and theories of running a successful game company in the modern market.


  • Mike Olenik
    Mike is a master model maker, game designer, and part owner of both Armorcast LLC and Burning River Games. He pursued his undergraduate education at CWRU in the Weatherhead School of Management specializing in management IT and accounting. Having been a lifelong gaming and model building enthusiast he joined the gaming industry in 2007 when Armorcast was moved from California to Ohio. His professional education combined with years of experience and technical knowhow has given him a unique perspective on the hobby gaming industry when it comes to creating a quality product and successfully bringing it to market.


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