What's on the Wireless? Automating RF Signal Identification

Presented at Black Hat USA 2017, July 26, 2017, 2:40 p.m. (50 minutes)

Most organisations want to monitor wireless devices within their environment, but, with a growing number of disparate low cost wireless technologies appearing on the market, the scale of this task can be unmanageable. Even identifying the presence of rogue signals can be difficult, let alone identifying an offending device.<br> <br> Software defined radio receivers allow us to receive arbitrary RF signals and are therefore the perfect platform on which to build automated spectrum monitoring tools. Now, we can take this concept further by combining rapid spectrum monitoring with automated signal identification and analysis, allowing organisations to seek out rogue RF devices in their environment.<br> <br> We have developed open source tools to monitor the RF spectrum at a high level and then drill down to individual signals, supporting both reverse engineering and signals intelligence. By automatically combining the results with OSINT data from regulatory bodies around the world, we are able to build up a picture of devices transmitting in an environment.


  • Dominic Spill - Senior Security Researcher, Great Scott Gadgets
    Dominic Spill is senior security researcher for Great Scott Gadgets. The US government recently labelled him as "extraordinary." This has gone to his head.
  • Michael Ossmann - Founder, Great Scott Gadgets
    Michael Ossmann is a wireless security researcher who makes hardware for hackers. Best known for the open source HackRF, Ubertooth, and GreatFET projects, he founded Great Scott Gadgets in an effort to put exciting, new tools into the hands of innovative people.