Yulong Zhang

Yueqiang Cheng is a Staff Security Scientist at Baidu USA X-Lab. His research interests focus on System Security (e.g., SGX, Virtualization), Blockchain Security, and Side Channel Security. Zhaofeng Chen is a security researcher from Baidu X-Lab, focusing on iOS/macOS security. Yulong Zhang is currently working at Baidu conducting the research and development of the next generation methodologies to analyze advanced mobile malware, and to design security products to detect and defend mobile threats. Yu Ding is a staff security scientist at Baidu X-Lab. His research interests are security issues around Intel SGX, secure decentralized systems, and security protocol analysis . Dr. Tao (Lenx) Wei is the head of Baidu X-Lab. Prior to joining Baidu, he was an associate professor at Peking University. His research interests include software analysis and system protection, web trust and privacy, programing languages, and mobile security.