Trammell Hudson

I like to <a href="">take things apart</a>. I'm Trammell Hudson, a <a href="" title="Category:Software">programmer</a>, <a href="" title="Category:Photography">photographer</a>, frequent <a href="" title="Hacks">hacker</a> and occasional <a href="" title="Category:Clocks">watchmaker</a>. I enjoy <a href="" title="Reverse engineering">reverse engineering</a> things, restoring <a href="" title="Category:Retrocomputing">antique computers</a> and <a href="" title="Category:Blinky">making things blink</a>. Sometimes I use my Amateur Extra rating (NY3U) and hack on <a href="" title="Category:Radio">Radio and RF</a> projects. I also have other <a href="" title="Category:Hobbies">hobbies</a> involving coffee, aviation, sailing and other vehicles. And on the weekends I enjoy <a href="" title="Category:Classes">teaching classes at NYC Resistor</a>. </p><p><a text" href=""></a> is a collection of links to my blog posts, flickr sets and projects.