Steve Ocepek

Steve Ocepek was one of the original team behind Wholepoint, a computer security consultancy that later merged with Trustwave. As Director of Security Research for Spiderlabs, he is in charge of all signature development for all products, maintaining and updating open source projects, researching new threats, providing intelligence to premier clients, pursuing security advisories, and supporting other SpiderLabs teams during technical engagements. Ocepek's accomplishments include discovering and patenting a new method of detecting wireless clients from the wired network, as well as creating the "thicknet" framework to analyze protocols for Man-in-the-Middle attack surface. He has a featured as a keynote speaker at industry conferences such as Blackhat in both the USA and Europe, and OWASP AppSec. Ocepek is a Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP) and a member of Northeast Ohio Information Security Forum. Twitter: @nosteve