Seunghun Han

Seunghun Han is a security researcher at the Affiliated Institute of ETRI and a reviewer of Black Hat Asia and KIMCHICON. Seunghun focuses on the root of trust, firmware, hypervisor, and kernel security. He has made his own hypervisor and contributed various patches to the Linux kernel and TPM-based security software. Seunghun was a speaker and an author at several conferences like USENIX Security, Black Hat Asia/Europe, HITBSecConf, BlueHat Shanghai, TyphoonCon, KimchiCon, and more. He also authored two books about building 64bit OS from scratch, "64-bit multi-core OS principles and structure, volume 1 (ISBN-13: 978-8979148367) and volume 2 (ISBN-13: 978-8979148374)".