Samy Kamkar

Samy Kamkar is an independent security researcher, sometimes known for creating The MySpace Worm, one of the fastest spreading viruses of all time. He attempts to illustrate terrifying vulnerabilities with playfulness, and his exploits have been branded: “Controversial” -The Wall Street Journal “Horrific” -The New York Times “Now I want to fill my USB ports up with cement” -Gizmodo His open source software, hardware, and research highlight the insecurities and privacy implications in everyday technologies, from the Evercookie, which produces virtually immutable respawning cookies, to SkyJack, a drone that wirelessly hijacks and autonomously controls any other drones within wireless distance. His work has been cited by the NSA, triggered hearings on Capitol Hill, and has been the basis for security advancements across most web browsers, smartphones, and vehicles.