Igor Korkin

Igor Korkin, PhD is a security researcher from Moscow, Russia. He has been in cybersecurity for about 10 years working on various areas related to Windows OS kernel security and hypervisor-based protection. He enjoys applying both academic knowledge and practical expertise to make computer systems secure and reliable. In his thesis, he carried out cross-disciplinary research to detect hidden hardware-based hypervisors. He is keen on responding to real-world challenges. He has to his credit over 30 research papers along with one patent. His research results were presented at Black Hat 2021 (UK), Texas Cyber Summit 2021 (USA), IEEE SP SADFE 2021 (USA), HITB 2020 (Singapore), Black Hat 2018 (UK), REcon 2016 (Canada), six ADFSL conferences 2014-2019 (USA), and RusCrypto 2011 (Russia).