Gillian Andrews / Gus

**Dr. Gillian "Gus" Andrews** is not the titular honeypot. The honeypot is her email account. Gus's background spans hacking, education, and software usability. Her latest project, *Keep Calm and Log On,* is a handbook to help everyday people survive the digital revolution without getting trampled, and is available from MIT Press. Over the past five years, Gus has worked to improve everyday users' understanding of digital security through her work at the Open Internet Tools Project, Simply Secure, and ThoughtWorks. She has served as a user experience specialist at ThoughtWorks and at Linden Lab (home of *Second Life*). Her work on open-source encryption tools has informed policy at the Electronic Frontier Foundation and the U.S. State Department. She is the creator of *The Media Show,* a YouTube series aimed at teaching digital and media literacy skills using snarky puppets. As a former panelist on the hacker radio show *Off The Hook* and organizer for the Hackers On Planet Earth conference, she has been engaged with digital rights and privacy issues for close to two decades.