Dave Weinstein

Dave Weinstein is a security researcher with Hewlett-Packard Security Research (HPSR). In this role, Weinstein analyzes and performs root-cause analysis on hundreds of vulnerabilities submitted to the Zero-Day Initiative (ZDI) program, which represents the world’s largest vendor-agnostic bug bounty program. His own research focuses on tool development and Windows kernel vulnerabilities. A regular speaker at technology conferences since the late 1980s, he has presented security research at CanSecWest, ToorCon, and HushCon. Prior to joining HP, Weinstein worked as software developer for the Microsoft Trustworthy Computing group, where he developed the !exploitable Windows debugging extension that provides automated crash analysis and security risk assessment. Earlier, he spent more than a decade as a professional game developer, including the development of the core networking technology and networking gameplay in the original Rainbow Six.