BT-2035 An application of differential privacy to security monitoring

Presented at Texas Cyber Summit 2019, Oct. 12, 2019, 11:15 a.m. (45 minutes)

Privacy and security auditing are always seen as opposing forces, but does it have to be like that? Differential privacy offers the mathematical tools to strike a balance between privacy and auditing. This is why I have started to develop DPLog a host based agent that implements state of the art DP-algorithms to enable SIEM-like queries with privacy constraints.


  • Paolo Di Prodi - Fortinet
    Paolo is a software engineer with an academic research background in machine learning applied to multi agent systems for which I have received a Phd. After University I have focused my career in the commercial application of machine learning into medical devices and recently into cyber security. I have worked as data scientist for Microsoft within the TWC group, Context IS in the UK and recently for Fortinet in Canada. My current goal is to use data science and machine learning to detect new trends, develop new detections and defend against adversarial machine learning. In my spare time I do my own research and read about all the recent developments in the field of AI.


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