How Smart Is Bluetooth Smart?

Presented at ShmooCon IX (2013), Unknown date/time (Unknown duration)

We are entering a golden age of affordable broad spectrum wireless sniffing. I will demonstrate how to use the new generation of wireless hacking tools to intercept and inject Bluetooth Low Energy communications.

Bluetooth LE, aka, Bluetooth Smart, is a new low power mode defined in the recent Bluetooth 4.0 spec. Found in recent high-end smartphones, it is used in sports devices, sensors, and will soon appear in some medical devices.

This talk covers both the Bluetooth LE protocol and the tools and techniques used to study it. This talks features live demonstrations of sniffing Bluetooth LE using Ubertooth and other hardware to sniff Bluetooth LE.

The software presented in the talk was developed by Mike Ryan and is available open source as a part of the Ubertooth project.


  • Mike Ryan
    Mike Ryan likes to take things apart, break them, and put them back together better than before. He recently joined the Ubertooth team to sniff out security issues in the latest lower-powered version of Bluetooth: Bluetooth Low Energy (LE). Mike gave a WIP talk on his work at Toorcon 14.



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