Realtime Bluetooth Device Detection with Blue Hydra

Presented at DEF CON 24 (2016), Aug. 4, 2016, 2 p.m. (60 minutes)

We are releasing a new tool for discovering bluetooth devices and automatically probing them for information. Effectively we have created a new tool with an airodump-ng like display for nearby bluetooth and bluetooth low energy devices. We will discuss the challenges with finding bluetooth devices, as well as how we have overcome them using both standard bluetooth adapters and optionally ubertooth hardware. If you have ever wondered why no one released an effective tool to see all the bluetooth in the area then come by, learn a little, and leave with a tool you have always wanted. Blue Hydra will discover and track bluetooth and bluetooth low energy devices in the area, regardless of being in discoverable mode, and tracks data (bluetooth version, services, etc) as well as meta-data (signal strength, timestamps) over time. We will be going over how bluetooth operates on a high level, and how we were able to discover and track nearby devices. A deep understanding of the bluetooth protocol was not needed to develop Blue Hydra (we stood on the shoulders of giants) and will not be required to use Blue Hydra or understand it's output.




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