Wireless Essentials

Presented at BSidesLV 2014, Aug. 6, 2014, 9 a.m. (540 minutes)

This class will cover the essentials of using Pentoo, current and emerging 802.11 wireless threats, and the wonderful world of Software Defined Radios. A completed bootstrapped curriculum that will provide new tips and tricks for the advanced, and a completely new experience to those who are just now learning about any of these topics. The class is broken into four parts so that students can come and go as they please.


  • Russell Handorf
    Built, owned and operated a wireless ISP for 6 years; Infosec professionally for 10 years (unprofessionally for 15); information security researcher (wireless, attacker attribution techniques, honeypots); and other things.
  • Rick Farina / Zero_Chaos as Zero Chaos
  • John Fulmer / DaKahuna as DaKahuna
    Radio Frequency is my game and Wireless is my hobby. Part of the five-man team teaching the two-day Wireless course at BSidesLV and lead coordinator for the Defcon Wireless Village. By day I can be found supporting a large government agency reviewing and criticizing network and security architectures, advising on matters related to information assurance and information security policies, standards and formal guidances. By night I enjoy snooping the Ether be it the amateur radio bands or my neighbors wireless networks. In my off time I can be found on the pistol or rifle range enjoying the smell of burnt gunpowder and admiring the holes I punch in targets. A father of two, grandfather of three, a 24 year Navy veteran, holder of an amateur radio Extra Class license and a staunch supporter and exerciser of my 2nd and 4th rights at every opportunity I can get.
  • Rick Mellendick - CSO - Signals Defense
    Rick Mellendick is the Chief Security Officer for Signals Defense in Owings Mills MD, and has been a security architect for multiple US Government agencies and corporations. Mr. Mellendick specializes in designing and testing wireless networks with non-traditional strategies using offensive techniques. He has over 17 years of IT and security experience, is a builder and breaker of RF signals, inventor of the Wireless Capture the Flag (http://wctf.us), and breaking and entering through RF is his specialty.
  • Dragorn


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