The Future of Wireless Pen Testing

Presented at HOPE Number Six (2006), July 21, 2006, 7 p.m. (60 minutes)

The future of wireless pen testing and vulnerabilities of 802.11 networks, RFID, and Bluetooth, including a then-and-now perspective of the past five years of development in wireless vulnerabilities and research, pet peeves, the future of wireless protection standards, and topics from the audience.


  • Frank Thornton / Thorn as Frank ("Thorn") Thornton
  • Brad Haines / RenderMan as RenderMan
    RenderMan has been a fixture in the wardriving community for many years. He never seems to be out of crazy projects and ideas, and never very far from wardriving news, often causing it himself. He also coauthored RFID Security for Syngress Publishing. He spends his time working on things like the "stumbler ethic," Worldwide WarDrive, "the warpack," and the Church of WiFi. When not working to make wardriving an acceptable hobby, he can usually be found taking something apart, creating an army of cybernetic fluffins, trying to win the DefCon wardriving contest, or more likely, at the hotel bar.
  • Dragorn
    Dragorn is one of the founders of the New York Computer Community Connection Project (NYCCCP), the author of the wireless sniffer Kismet, and the person in charge of the wireless LAN at HOPE Number Six.


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