What’s Next In The Fight Against Ransomware

Presented at RVAsec 2021, Nov. 4, 2021, 2 p.m. (50 minutes)

With ransomware attacks simultaneously becoming more effective and at the same time more prevalent - a ransomware defense strategy is top of mind for prepared security leaders. In this session we'll address: - How to build an effective anti-ransomware security program - Similarities and differences between ransomware attacks and other sophisticated operations - The ranging impacts of a ransomware attack - both financial and other - Implementations security teams can make today for better ransomware defense


  • Maggie MacAlpine - Cybereason
    Maggie MacAlpine is a cybersecurity strategist and one of the co-founders of the DEF CON Voting Village. Over the course of ten years spent in the field, MacAlpine has been a contributing researcher on the “Security Analysis of the Estonian Internet Voting System” in partnership with the University of Michigan, co-author of the DEF CON Voting Village annual reports, and appeared in the HBO documentary “Kill Chain”. She has been a speaker at conferences including DEF CON, ShmooCon Hacker Conference, PacSec Tokyo and in presentations to Capitol Hill on the topic of cyber security. In February 2021, she joined the office of the CSO at Cybereason as a security strategist.


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