From Grief to Enlightenment: Getting the Executive Support for Information Security

Presented at RVAsec 2018, June 8, 2018, 1 p.m. (50 minutes)

Most information security professionals got into the field to enjoy the technical challenges of keeping the hackers at bay.  However, as information security has moved into the executive level of organizations, most professionals struggle to get connect with executives and get the support they need for their programs.  Karen Cole has been successfully handling the most ardent opponents of information security (think politicians, board members, and C-suite executives) for 16 years getting her clients what they need.  This session is focused on real-world actions you can take to get the support and resources for your program.  Leave your governance theory at the door.  This session is going to get real!


  • Karen Cole - Assura, Inc.
    Although Karen grew up on a farm in Virginia, her family nicknamed her, “the black thumb of death” when it comes to plant life. So obviously that lead to a career in IT, not horticulture. She was a cybersecurity practitioner long before it was cool. Many call her a unicorn because she's a real, live female cybersecurity CEO who paid her dues in the industry. That’s why Karen is passionate about grooming the next generation of security professionals. When not running Assura, she bakes cookies and banana bread that would make Gordon Ramsay weep with joy, and spends time with her 2 kids and some guy with a goatee.


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