Defending the Gibson in the Age of Enlightenment

Presented at Kiwicon X: The Truth is In Here (2016), Nov. 17, 2016, 9:15 a.m. (45 minutes)

The year is 2016, dumped mailboxes are key presidential debate topics, ransomware runs rampant in corporate environments, toasters control large swathes of the internet and many alarming red lines on CSO powerpoint presentations are going up and to the right. In response, the $81 billion dollar cyber security industry is doubling down on blinky-lighted cyber divining rods, tarot card sharing platforms and neural network driven pcap ouija boards. This talk will walk through some of the failed ideas we've seen and implemented in the last decade at Google while defending our environment, outline the alternative strategies that have genuinely worked, and preview some of the key technologies we're betting on to protect our infrastructure in the coming years.


  • Darren "sham" Bilby
    Darren is a Digital Janitor and Staff Security Engineer at Google, who currently manages the Sydney based Infrastructure Protection team. Over the past 10 years at Google he has played many roles including tech lead for the Global Incident Response team, manager of the European detection team, software engineer and application tester. Prior to joining Google, he grew up on the mean streets of Auckland's North Shore, spent more time than is healthy on irc and staring at code, started some minor chaos, and paid his dues working in the NZ security consultancy salt mines.


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