Metlstorm Welcomes the Combined Badasses

Presented at Kiwicon V: It Goes b00m (2011), Nov. 5, 2011, 9 a.m. (30 minutes)

Roll up, roll up. Metlstorm welcomes the Kiwicon Massive to this, the fifth installment of our con, and, in lieu of a Keynote, offers a few thoughts on the State of the World, almost certainly to involve badmouthing of vendors, hyperbole, and beard stroking.


  • Metlstorm
    Beards, bacon and beer are the benzine to Metlstorms... err, boffindom? While alliteration may not be his strong point, Metl does at least hold down a job as roach herder with Insomnia Security, engages in rampant punditry on the podcast, and is only partially reponsible for this whole Kiwicon malarky.


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