2600 Meetings: Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow

Presented at The Next HOPE (2010), July 17, 2010, 10 p.m. (60 minutes)

In this panel, longtime attendees and website admins of New York City’s 2600 meeting will explain how an event that began in the 1980s as a simple way for local hackers to meet each other in person has grown into a major and vital part of the worldwide hacker community. The panel will recap the history of 2600 meetings, and explain the basics for those interested in getting involved with an existing meeting or starting a new one. Issues involved in operating a 2600 meeting’s web presence will also be addressed. There will most certainly be a recounting of some favorite meeting stories and experiences, and the lasting effects the meetings have had on all sorts of lives.


  • Gonzo
    Gonzo is an urban explorer, veteran hacker, and regular at the New York City 2600 meetings. His site is http://reprimandmag.com, and he lives in New Jersey.
  • Grey Frequency
    Grey Frequency is an artist, co-admin of NYC2600.net and addicted to pretty things that have blinking lights. You might know her from her artwork here or as the girl that married a Canadian she met at HOPE.
  • Rob T Firefly
    Rob T Firefly is an artist, writer, nerd-of-all-trades, and co-admin of NYC2600.net. You might know him from his work on Off The Hook, his misadventures with the Phone Losers of America, his artwork here at HOPE, or those prank calls he makes to your home at inconvenient hours. Rob lives at robvincent.net.


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