Citizen Engineer - Consumer Electronics Hacking and Open Source Hardware

Presented at The Last HOPE (2008), July 18, 2008, noon (60 minutes)

In addition to the future of DIY, building hardware, open source hardware, and a roundup of amazing projects anyone can build, this talk will present the debut of the film Citizen Engineer - named after the HOPE Number Six talk. The session will be the first time this how-to video series for hacking is shown in public. There will also be some hands on hardware demos, hacking, and a lot of trouble.


  • Limor Fried / Ladyada as Limor Fried
    Limor Fried (aka Ladyada) is owner of Adafruit Industries, an open source electronics kit company based in New York City. Limor developed and built subversive electronic devices, including a pair of glasses that darken whenever television is in view and a jamming device that disables people�s annoying cell phone conversations at the press of a button. She releases much of her work in the form of DIY kits or instruction sets, including persistence of vision displays for bikes, a home brew synthesizer, and a minty iPod charger.
  • Phillip Torrone
    Phillip Torrone is an author, artist, hardware tinkerer and senior editor of MAKE Magazine. He has authored and contributed to numerous books on programming, mobile devices, design, multimedia, hardware hacking and is a contributing editor for Popular Science. Phillip also co-produces the MAKE audio and video content on the site. In his spare time he helps design open source electronics.


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