Hacking Brainstems, Mitigating Vulns: Promise from a 0 Day Inside

Presented at Diana Initiative 2019, Aug. 10, 2019, 1 p.m. (60 minutes)

When I was 32, I lived on the beach, thrived in my made-for-me role inspecting large-scale construction sites, and enjoyed a mix of being highly social and deeply reflective. Then I had a Brainstem Stroke, four Cerebellar strokes, and massive concussions from external trauma/being strangled. Ability to move, communicate, comprehend, or even unconsciously run homeostasis was gone. Just like that. So, what do you do when every sense has been wiped of prior filters, every known ability glitches or has been removed, and only you can climb your way out? Hear how I analytically devised an ingenious way to format a wholly new internal working platform, one based on rational steps, exploiting my body's electrical system to remove the conscious/subconscious barrier, electrical impulses, ratios and leaning on “hacking” ways around what was no longer functioning. This started with the only things I could control: breath and my tongue against my teeth. I held faith that any logical networking would provide a workable outcome. What transpired turned into something that approximately 1% of 1% do: survive, and then thrive, beyond damage to the deepest, most challenging CPU known to man. Doing this, I made 45 years of recovery in 5. An analog reality of “engineering out of the problem” that inspires joy, courage, humanity.


  • Mandy Logan
    Following a series of 5 strokes and major head injuries, Mandy is no longer in the construction engineering industry. She used her life hacking prowess from a non-traditional background (such as skipping five years of K-12 schooling while working on a ranch and then graduating from a giant, traditional high school in 2.5 years with a 4.2 GPA) to re-establish neuro control using her electrical system, her tongue against her teeth, and perseverance. Now, as a happy dyslexic autie (autistic person) she is pursuing all things InfoSec with an emphasis on Incident Response, Neuro Integration, Artificial General Intelligence, and Community, pressing forth to improve the lives of InfoSec professionals and long term ethical neuro tech for those unable to express themselves to their own satisfaction. She enjoys art, travel, naps, speaking, continuing and broadening her own recovery, and good people, and hopes to be half the person her service dog, Trevor, is


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