Nice to Meet You

Presented at DerbyCon 2.0 Reunion (2012), Sept. 29, 2012, 10 a.m. (30 minutes)

I would like to present on being a neophyte to the community and how to reach those in the know. The great friends I have made in the community like Georgia Weidman, Raphael Mudge, Dave Kennedy, Jayson Street and others are the result of getting outside my own shell.

Almost everyone in the community is willing to answer questions, respond to emails, tweets, etc. However, for those who are really new to the community they may not actually be aware of this. Oftentimes, these newcomers are blinded by the near rock star status of those in the know.

I hope to provide an inspirational tale and lessons learned on how to break that communication barrier and provide evidence that in fact, it only takes a minute or two and a well-crafted comment or question to bridge the gap. Each of the newcomers should feel welcomed by our community and I hope to provide some of that welcoming feeling.


  • James Siegel
    Linux SysAdmin for MIE, 2 time CCDC competitor, InfoSec Professional, Speaker at BSides Cleveland

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