Everything you wanted to know about Academia (But were too afraid to ask)

Presented at DerbyCon 2.0 Reunion (2012), Sept. 29, 2012, 4 p.m. (50 minutes)

There has always been tensions between Security Academia and Security Industry. Much of this tension is because the groups tend not to interact often. Academics have academic conference, industry has industry conferences. My goal in this talk is three fold.

First, I want to dispel the preconceived notions that might exist about academia by providing a full picture of what security academia does. Second, I will inform everyone what preconceived notions academia has about industry so those who work in industry are prepared to educate an academic if they’re ever in a conversation. Finally, I’d like to provide an idea of where research in academia and research in industry fits together, and how a symbiotic relationship could possibly form in the future.


  • Nathaniel Husted (Dr. Whom)
    Dr. Whom is a recovering systems administrator now graduate student at Indiana University. He’s currently working towards his PhD in Security Informatics. His research focuses on new attacks against security and privacy relating to smartphones and other mobile/embedded devices. He has done some work on cryptographic systems and high performance computing by using GPUs to implement theoretical crypto systems. He also occasionally dabbles in lock picking and figuring out what’s going on outside in the real world.

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