Smile for the Grenade! Camera go Bang!

Presented at DerbyCon 1.0 (2011), Sept. 30, 2011, 7 p.m. (50 minutes)

Cameras are hugely important to urban and suburban battlefields. Reconnaissance is a must-have for commanders, and a force multiplier for actual combat units. A combat-deployable camera system is being developed or used by nearly every military-industrial manufacturer and government agency, ranging from Throwable Camera Balls to Grenade-style launched cameras. But they’re expensive and inaccessible to civilians. Would it be possible to build a combat-deployable camera system that would fulfill the mandates of a tactical combat team, feed information to a strategic command center, and force-multiply “on the cheap”?


  • Joshua Marpet as Joshua Marpet @Quadling
    Joshua Marpet’s Biography – Security is a complex system, with many disciplines and specialized knowledge. Luckily, there’s Josh, who’s done everything. Ex-cop, blacksmith, pen testing, video surveillance, sales engineering, and well, everything. And now, technological ordnance developer!
  • Vlad Gostom as Vlad Gostom @Recompiler
    Vlad has over 7 years of experience conducting security consulting and penetration testing in the corporate world. He has worked on such diverse projects as the future warrior combat system, wireless triangulation systems, adaptive IDS/IPS systems, network security/penetration testing for Fortune 50 companies, and physical security assessments for banks.

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