Advanced Nmap Scripting: Make Nmap work for you!

Presented at DerbyCon 1.0 (2011), Oct. 2, 2011, noon (50 minutes)

The Nmap Scripting Engine, or NSE, has brought Nmap’s power to an unprecedented level. More than just a portscanner, Nmap’s Scripting Engine has the speed and power to scan thousands of hosts in parallel, quickly and with amazing results. Whether building packets from the ground up (such as probing DHCP or finding sniffers) or using high-level protocols (such as MSRPC or AFS), NSE makes it easy. In this highly technical presentation, the audience will be introduced to some interesting NSE scripts, be shown in detail how they work, and learn how to write their own from scratch. Learn how to make Nmap work for you!


  • Ron Bowes
    Ron Bowes works as a vulnerability research engineer for Tenable Network Security. He is best known for his contributions to open source security software including the Nmap Security Scanner, for which he has written dozens of scripts covering a number of complex protocols. He also has a Bachelor of Computer Science from the University of Manitoba, runs a Winnipeg-based security consulting company (Dash9 Security), and is a founding member of SkullSpace – Winnipeg’s first and only hackerspace.

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