OWASP crAPI: Completely Ridiculous API

Presented at DEF CON 31 (2023), Aug. 11, 2023, 2 p.m. (115 minutes)

OWASP crAPI is an intentionally vulnerable API designed to teach and demonstrate common API security flaws. It serves as a playground for security enthusiasts, developers, and penetration testers to learn about API vulnerabilities and practice exploiting them in a safe environment. This Demo Lab will showcase the use of crAPI for educational purposes, including how to set it up, identify vulnerabilities, and apply secure API development best practices.


  • Roshan Piyush
    Roshan Piyush is Security Research Engineer, solving API Security using the powers of Machine Learning and Distributed Tracing. He has 8+ years of research experience mainly focusing on API Security for the last 5+ years. He loves building security stacks, tools, and solutions. He is also a core member of the Owasp Coraza WAF team and a leader of the Owasp crAPI project.
  • Jayesh Ahire
    Jayesh Ahire is a passionate security professional and open-source contributor with a strong background in application and API security. They have experience working with numerous organizations to design and implement secure API architectures and integrate security practices into their development processes. Jayesh has been actively involved in the OWASP community and enjoys sharing their knowledge through presentations, workshops, and mentorship.

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