Escaping The Sandbox By Not Breaking It

Presented at DEF CON 24 (2016), Aug. 6, 2016, 10 a.m. (60 minutes)

The main topic of this technical talk will be "sandboxes" and how to escape them. One of the main component of the modern operating systems security is their sandbox implementation. Android for example in recent versions added SELinux to their existing sandbox mechanism, to add an additional layer of security. As well OS X recently added System Integrity Protection as a ‘system level’ sandbox, in addition to the regular sandbox which is ‘per-process’. All modern OS focus on defense in depth, so an attacker and a defender must know these mechanisms, to bypass them or make them more secure. We will focus on Android and iOS/OSX to show the audience the implementations of the sandbox in these operating systems, the attack surface from within interesting sandboxes, like the browser, or applications sandbox. Then we will discuss how to attack them and escape from our restricted context to compromise further the system, showcasing vulnerabilities. We think that comparing Android with iOS/OSX can be very interesting since their implementation is different, but the goal for attackers and defenders is the same, so having knowledge of different sandboxes is very insightful to highlight the limitations of a particular implementation. The sandboxes some years ago were related mainly to our desktop, mobile phone or tablet. But if we look now at the technology trend, with Automotive and IOT, we can understand that sandboxes will be crucial in all those technologies, since they will run on mainstream operating system when they will become more popular.



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