Welcome and Making the DEF CON 18 Badge

Presented at DEF CON 18 (2010), July 30, 2010, 10 a.m. (110 minutes)

For the fifth year in a row, the DEFCON Badge makes its appearance as a full-fledged, active electronic system. Pushing fabrication techniques to the limit and using some components that are so new they barely exist, the design of this year's badge took some serious risks. Did they pay off? If you're in this talk and not standing in a long line to get your badge, then the answer is "Yes!" Join Kingpin as he guides you through the entire process of the badge, from initial concept to prototype electronics to firmware design to manufacturing, and all of the problems and challenges he faced along the way.


  • Joe Grand / Kingpin as Joe "Kingpin" Grand
    Joe Grand, also known as Kingpin, is an electrical engineer and hardware hacker. He has had the honor of designing the DEFCON badge for the past five years. Back in the day, he was a member of L0pht Heavy Industries and was a co-host of Discovery Channel's Prototype This.
  • Jeff Moss / The Dark Tangent as Dark Tangent