Making the DEFCON 16 Badge

Presented at DEF CON 16 (2008), Unknown date/time (Unknown duration)

For the third year in a row, Kingpin has had the honor of designing the DEFCON Badge. No longer just a boring piece of passive material, the badge is now a full-featured, active electronic product. If you're up early enough and interested in details of the entire development process of the badge, from initial concept drawings to prototype electronics to completed units, and want to hear stories of the trials and tribulations that come with designing and manufacturing, be sure to come to this talk.


  • Joe Grand / Kingpin as Joe "Kingpin" Grand
    Joe "Kingpin" Grand Kingpin is an electrical engineer, hardware hacker, and former member of L0pht Heavy Industries. Even with his distrust of big business, he has become a co-host of an upcoming engineering build show, Prototype This, for Discovery Channel. Sometimes he uses his real name, Joe Grand, and invents things for his company, Grand Idea Studio ( He's also the sole proprietor of Kingpin Empire, a hacker-inspired merchandise outfit ( that gives back to the community through charitable donations. He's designed the badge for DEFCON a few times, too.