DC 18 Movie Night GET LAMP

Presented at DEF CON 18 (2010), Unknown date/time (Unknown duration)

At the dawn of the era of home computing, an unusual type of game was the most popular to play. With just a screen of text and a prompt, you'd be asked the simple question: WHAT DO YOU WANT TO DO NEXT? As you typed in commands and sentences, the games would tell you a story, a story fraught with danger, excitement, puzzles and hours of exploration. They were called text adventures, adventure games and interactive fiction. They dominated the sales charts and introduced millions to the power and flexibility of home computers. No other type of computer game could come close. And then they were gone forever... or maybe they never actually left. GET LAMP tells the story from a cave in Kentucky to the modern era of what some call a brand new form of literature. Director Jason Scott will be on hand for the showing, as well as a Q&A afterwards.


  • Jason Scott - www.textfile.com
    Jason Scott is a computer historian and proprietor of TEXTFILES.COM, a collection of computer history. This is a pretty good pairing, actually. He also creates documentaries on computer history and attends and speaks at conventions like DEFCON, making computer history. If you see him at DEFCON the choice is clear: talk to him about his cat.