Things That Go "Bump" in the night: An Analysis of Current and Emerging Threats to Physical Security

Presented at DEF CON 14 (2006), Aug. 5, 2006, 5 p.m. (50 minutes)

Although there has been a significant amount of attention paid to the topic of late, there are complexities that must be understood to accurately gauge the impact of "Bumping Locks" on physical security. This talk will explore the vulnerabilities and exposures of virtually all pin-tumbler locks, highlighting the legal issues surrounding the possession and use of bump-keys and bumping implements. Case examples and demonstrations detailing a major security flaw and vulnerability in locks used by the federal government and a private sector corporation that affect millions of users will be presented.


  • Marc Weber Tobias - Investigative Law Offices
    Marc Weber Tobias is an Investigative Attorney and polygraph examiner in the United States. He has written five law enforcement textbooks dealing with criminal law, security, and communications. Marc Tobias was employed for several years by the Office of Attorney General, State of South Dakota, as the Chief of the Organized Crime Unit. As such, he directed felony investigations involving frauds as well as violent crimes. Mr. Tobias is the author of the 1400 page textbook and multimedia collection "Locks, Safes, and Security: An International Police Reference". He consults on lock security and his law firm handles investigations for government and private clients.
  • Matt Fiddler - Security Consultant -
    Matt Fiddler leads a Threat Management Team for a large Fortune 100 Company. Mr. Fiddler's research into lock bypass techniques have resulted in several public disclosures of critical lock design flaws. Mr. Fiddler began his career as an Intelligence Analyst with the United States Marine Corps. Since joining the commercial sector in 1992, he has spent the last 13 years enhancing his extensive expertise in the area of Unix and Network Engineering, Security Consulting, and Intrusion Analysis. Currently Mr. Fiddler is the Connecticut Chapter President and active Board Member of Locksport International.



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