Intro to High Security Locks and Safes

Presented at DEF CON 13 (2005), July 30, 2005, 1 p.m. (50 minutes)

This "Talk" will focus on the next step beyond basic locks and lock picking. You will NOT learn about basic cylinders. You will not learn how to shim a padlock. You will learn about Medeco side bars and how they've been beaten. You will learn about mul-t-lock pin-in-pin cylinders and how they've been beaten. You will learn the basics of safe manipulation. This is not a "Talk" that will teach you how to pick, the "pick-proof" locks. It will give you the foundation and methods that will allow you to understand these locks, and the concepts behind picking them. Punch and Pie will be served.


  • Michael Glasser
    Michael D. Glasser is a Security Consultant in the New York Tri-State Area. He is currently employed by one of the worlds largest security consulting firms. Though he consults primarily on physical security, other forms of security are often part of his scope of work. Glasser has been in the security industry for more then 10 years. He started as a technician in the field installing electronic security, and broadened his technical knowledge to cover all electronic and conventional security methods. Glasser is Licensed by New York State and a Burglar and Fire Alarm Installer, Certified as a Locksmith, and has numerous electronic security certifications. He is an active member of many local, state and national associations. He teaches classes on electronic security in the New York Area. Prior speaking engagements of this type have been at both the DefCon series of conferences and at the 2600 sponsored HOPE conferences.
  • Deviant Ollam
    While paying the bills as a network engineer, Deviant Ollam's first and strongest love has always been teaching. Employed periodically at schools in the greater Philadelphia area, he is presently a student at the New Jersey Institute of Technology in the hopes of tacking some actual letters to his name and doing the professor gig full time. A fanatical supporter of First Amendment rights who believes that the best way to increase security is to publicly disclose vulnerabilities, Deviant has given lockpick demonstrations at other con events and various schools.



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