Searchwing - Mit Drohnen leben retten

Presented at 33C3 (2016), Dec. 28, 2016, 5:15 p.m. (60 minutes)

Refugees are dying in the Mediterranean Sea. Thousands of them. We are building fixed wing drones, autonomously searching for refugee-vessels in a radius of 50km around a base-ship. The association "Seawatch e.V." has bought two well equipped Ships to help and rescue those people. But to help them we first have to find them. CCC-Berlin and "Sea Watch e.V." are working together to use high tech for humanitarian projects. In this talk we will explain the situation in the Mediterranean Sea and show possibilities to help refugees in mortal danger with high tech. We will present a smartphone app for organising the multidimensional chaos in the Mediterranean Sea and we explain in depth, how the development of the drones is proceeding, what already works and which challenges are still waiting. After some deliberation, we reluctantly decided to give this talk in German since we have a lot to show and talk about within a constrained time window. However, live translation services should be available via streaming (or DECT) so our international guests can participate. Of course, questions asked in English are welcome as well.


  • benthor
  • Ruben Neugebauer
    Ruben Neugebauer is Journalist @jib-collective, Artivist with peng collective and co-funder of the NGO-Sea-Watch.
  • Steini
    Member of CCC Berlin since... well... don't know, feels like 'ever'. Did some virtual reality stuff in the 90s, founded some IT startups in the 2000s, now trying to live a dream by helping to create 'Holzmarkt' in Berlin. Studied physics and mathematics, but I am not a real physicist or mathematician at all.


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