How to hack an old toy into a Mars rover

Presented at Nuit du Hack 2015, June 20, 2015, 2 p.m. (45 minutes)

We are three friends in the first year of college. Alexander is in engineering school Thomas is in a trade school and Boris is in a license of maths and informatics science. Our common point is that last year we were all in the same final year science class and we were the only and unique three enrolled in computer specialty (ISN new optional). So we had to do a project together year-end. We have transformed an old plastic toy into a multifunction remote control car from a web interface. It is equipped with a GPS chip, a camera, ultrasonic sensors, a voice synthesis system, temperature and humidity sensors, lighting, accelerometers and gyroscopes three axes, a user-friendly web interface that allows viewing of the trip thanks to the Google Maps API as well as all other data collected as well as rendering video. The car is also controllable at sight with a joystick wii! The car is equipped with a data collection system that can make statistics and view them as graphs, for example.

What we would like to show and share if we have the opportunity to welcome beings it is an approach, an attitude and a way of thinking the technology that surrounds us. We would like to share, popularize and explain our definition of Hacking. We are still young, so we do not claim to want to give a lecture to explain sharp technical points or to a course. We would simply help to support, promote and popularize the values ​​of hacking the hack and DIY. In order to show our comrades of our generation what it is because we think we are aware of the issues. We would show through the robots we have achieved; how we learned, how we have progressed and evolved as we not yet know much before starting.

We want to make a DIY approach, ie how from not much and diverting objects around us from their original function we can imagine something interesting. How not necessarily have knowledge "school" and pointed in one area may have come to an unexpected result. We want to show everything he can do with what is our worn daily, that is not much. We want to show that the hacknig is accessible to everyone. We also want to share our passion and motivate young people of our generation to do the same. We also want to promote ISN specialty terminally class.



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