Cell phone security: a history and the state of the art.

Presented at Black Hat USA 1998, July 29, 1998, 3:30 p.m. (90 minutes)

Cellular phones are a growing convenience for many people of many walks of life. Recently, ads for new "digital" cell phones promise privacy and unclonability to their customers. In this talk, we will examine these claims, looking at systems from the oldest analog phones to the modern digital standards. Special attention will be paid to the security of the GSM system, the most popular digital cell phone standard in the world.


  • Ian Goldberg - ISAAC Research Group, UC Berkeley
    Ian Goldberg is a Graduate Student Researcher and founding member of the Internet Security, Applications, Authentication and Cryptography (ISAAC) research group at UC Berkeley. His research areas include cryptography, security, privacy systems, and digital cash. In April, he, along with colleagues David Wagner and Marc Briceno, announced the discovery of a major security flaw in most of the deployed GSM digital cell phones.

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