Level Up Your Security Mindset

Presented at Black Hat Europe 2018, Dec. 5, 2018, 4:30 p.m. (50 minutes)

We live in a world of constant change, so why is it the people who obsess about the latest and greatest are often the most resistant to change? Is security incompatible with modern environments in which it serves? On the other hand, just sprinkle some "quantum machine learning blockchain" on all our problems and everything is magically solved. Where is the balance? Relying on traditional gates, complex solutions, and worst case scenarios leave security as the anchor dragging behind the boat instead of the reinforced hull we are supposed to be.

If we are going to be successful, it's going to take a significant upgrade to our mindset applying the right mixture of collaboration, innovation, and technology driven by real risk, not the worst case scenarios we have traditionally prepared for. We can't be the people who work behind the scenes and say "no" to everything. Changing our mindset and approach allows us to adapt along with the pace of business and gives us the right solution for the right situation.


  • Nathan Hamiel - Director of Research, Kudelski Security
    Nathan Hamiel is the Director of Research & Advisory Services at Kudelski Security, an international security company providing innovative and tailored solutions to enterprises and public-sector clients. Nathan works in the innovation group defining the future of services and products for the company. A security veteran with a strong focus on software security, he has spent his nearly 20-year career helping customers around the world solve complex security challenges. Nathan has presented his research at global security events including Black Hat, DEF CON, HOPE, ShmooCon, SecTor, ToorCon and many others. He is also a member of the Black Hat review board where he evaluates research for inclusion into the various conferences around the world.


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