Yuefeng Li

Moony Li is a staff engineer in TrendMicro who has 8 years of knowledge and experience in security product development and research. Additionally, he helped to design and develop SandCastle security Sandbox for Deep Security production for both Windows and Mac system alongside the iOS Sandbox system. Currently, he focuses his research on Windows, Mac, Android and iOS kernel vulnerability hunting and exploiting. He has also participated at various global top security conferences: 1. HITCON 2016 - (P)FACE Into the Apple Core and Exploit to Root; 2. Code Blue 2016 - (P)FACE into the Apple core and exploit to root; 3. Pacsec 2016 - Active fuzzing as complementary for passive fuzzing; 4. BlackHat Europe 2016 - WHEN VIRTUALIZATION ENCOUNTER AFL: A PORTABLE VIRTUAL DEVICE FUZZING FRAMEWORK WITH AFL; 5. Code Blue 2017 - Fun and Practice for exercising your ARM(64); 6. Black Hat Asia 2018 - DEATH PROFILE; 7. Black Hat USA 2018 Arsenal - Art of Dancing with Shackles: Best Practice of App Store Malware Automatic Hunting System