Tazin Khan

As a cybersecurity specialist of 10+ years with a focus on program compliance, third party risk management, and product mapping for Fortune 500 companies, Tazin has an acute understanding of transforming problems into product solutions and translating product benefits into the customer’s environment. This skill-set, paired with firsthand experiences of poverty, racial bias, gaslighting, and the all-too-common formalities that immigrant-American women in tech face, is what inspired her to educate people on the impact of their data and its effect on their real lives. In 2019, Tazin mobilized her community and founded Cyber Collective in an effort to increase awareness of the importance of digital protection. Today, Cyber Collective is recognized by Forbes as “the only women of color owned and operated community-centered research organization that focuses on data ethics, privacy, and cybersecurity research.” Tazin and her team at Cyber Collective are dedicated to creating approachable and interactive content, workshops, and resource guides for people to educate themselves and learn freely about these topics.