Sunny Fugate

Sunny James Fugate is a Ph.D. computer scientist and research engineer with 14 years of experience working for the US Navy to develop novel computer and network defense technologies using artificial intelligence, machine learning, and game theory. Dr Fugate has performed advanced research and development in the fields of cognitive science, linguistics, gesture recognition and augmented reality, cybersecurity visualization, artificial intelligence and expert systems, predictive intrusion detection, randomized defenses against code-reuse attacks, binary mutation and program diversification, and novel approaches for pre-attentive learning of ambient cues and threat indicators. During his career, Dr Fugate has supported a number of different organizations including SPAWAR, US Cyber Command, DARPA, Defense Threat Reduction Agency, and the Office of Naval Research in creating, developing, and assessing new technologies for both defensive and offensive cyber operations. Dr Fugate has also had extensive experience working with both the operational staff of US Navy and Joint Forces commands and the research staff at numerous government organizations and agencies, each of whom perform everyday safe-handling of malicious media in both isolated and connected environments.