Sébastien Bardin

<span>Sébastien Bardin is a full-time senior researcher at CEA LIST, with research activities centered on automatic program analysis and software verification. </span><span>For a few years now, Sébastien has been interested in automating binary-level security analysis by lifting formal methods developed for the safety-critical industry. More especially, he focuses on binary-level formal methods, vulnerability detection & assessment, and malware deobfuscation. He leads the "binary-level security" group at CEA LIST as well as several related research projects, and he is one of the main designers of the (open-source) BINSEC platform for binary-level code analysis. He regularly publishes articles in top-ranked international academic conferences in Security, Formal Methods, Software Engineering and Automated Reasoning (e.g., IEEE Security & Privacy) and gives talks in international events. Sébastien obtained a PhD in 2005 from ENS Cachan, France, in the field of formal methods. </span>