Roberto Fresca

Mi name is Roberto Fresca. I have been MAME developer since 1998, and I have in my records having emulated more than 500 games/platforms. In 2008, I was chosen n°1 of the scenario, fighting statistically, head to head with David Haywood (Haze). I am also a member of the Dumping Union (dumpers exalted group of hardwares, worldwide for preservation through emulation) and of ( a non-profit organization, to rescue, document and preserve the Spanish recreations). I´ve had the pleasure of being speaker in the symposium closing ceremony in the Assembly ´09 closing edition (Helsinki, Finlandia) proposed speaker for the reopening of the Computerspiel museum (Berlin), in academic terms with different representatives from European Universities. Discussion panel with the KEEP (preservation and emulation) projects of the European Union. Also, in New York (Tesla Engineering Ring), as well as other worldwide conferences regarding emulation, CPUs architecture and technical inners such as Interrupts, Bankswitching and multiplexing so as to extend the limited resources at that time. Nowadays, living in Madrid, Spain, I´ve been developer of the Holy Grials´emulation, "El Fin del Tiempo" y "Nightmare" (launched in next MAME), and following this vertiginous career of bringing back to life and immortalize death hardware decades ago, preserving it for generations to come to be able to live the same experiences we did long ago.